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A Brief History and List of Services

In 1964, a pharmacist named Charles P. Thompson and a general practitioner named James J. Pattee purchased a large tract of land on 54th and Zealand North in New Hope, Minnesota. They envisioned the property as the perfect site for their family homes. It soon became apparent, however, that the land was not suitable for single-family dwellings. The two men found themselves in need of an alternate use for their property.

During the remainder of that year and into 1965, Thompson and Pattee visited various existing nursing homes and determined that they could better-operate such a facility themselves. So, they approached the city with a plan to build a nursing home named, at the time, New Hope Nursing Home. In April 1966 with city approval, they opened the first building, designed in the shape of a cross with the nursing station at its center, housing 108 beds.

At the start, Pattee’s wife Joan and Director of Nursing, Mary Jane Schrandt were responsible for everything from unpacking supplies and bookkeeping to admissions and discharges and supervision of staff. Thompson sold two of his drugstores and became administrator of the home and Dr. Pattee made rounds to the facility two or three times a week. They believed their owner-operated organization provided better care than their competitors.

Today, the administrators and staff at what has become North Ridge Health and Rehab and The Residence at North Ridge, are committed to providing the same, high level of care and attention to our residents as were Charles Thompson and James Pattee.

Following is a list of our service divisions, which we believe offer a premier, personalized combination of healthcare, rehabilitation and housing for our residents. We warmly invite you to visit our campus or call (763) 592-3000 for more information.

Apartments for Independent Living

Designed to meet the special needs of older adults seeking independence, The Residence at North Ridge is part of a campus community for adults 55+, licensed by the state of Minnesota as a Housing with Services establishment. Our community of 95 senior apartments fosters vitality, activity, independence and good health.

Assisted Living

We provide studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments, as well as private suites, for adults ages 55+ whose health needs are growing more complex. The Residence at North Ridge offers multiple levels of care and service with a focus on helping you maintain your optimal level of health, wellness, safety and independence.

Adult Day program

Are you a senior looking for an engaging place to spend time among peers during the week? Are you a caregiver looking for a safe, home-like setting for your loved one during the day? Our Mission Today Adult Day Program offers an enriching, supportive place to spend quality time each weekday, with physical, social, recreational and health-related activities, and two levels of care based on each person’s cognitive ability.

Exceptional Skilled Healthcare

Also on our campus, North Ridge Health and Rehab features a wide range of transitional (sub-acute) care and skilled health services, including 24/7 skilled nursing, IV therapy, wound care management, tracheotomy care and other healthcare services.

Outpatient Therapy

At North Ridge, therapeutic rehabilitation is one of our primary strengths. We offer a comprehensive slate of rehabilitative services including occupational, physical and speech therapies.

Medical Support Services

To further assist our residents, North Ridge offers access to an array of healthcare support services including radiology, pharmacy and laboratory services as well as dietary and nutrition assistance.

Personal Enrichment

The Residence at North Ridge and North Ridge Health and Rehab offer our residents and patients a variety of personal enrichment and recreational activities. Music, stimulating therapeutic exercises, movies, special outings and other activities occur on a regular basis here at our community of care.

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